We offer custom processing of beef, pork, goats, sheep, and lambs; cut and wrap; and both onsite and farm slaughter services. 

After your animal has aged for the appropriate amount of time, we will cut the animal based on the instructions you provide. It is important that we receive Cutting Instructions in advance to ensure we can provide you with the best product and your desired preferences. If cutting instructions are not received by the time your animal is ready to be processed, we will follow our standard cutting instructions.

You will receive a phone call from someone on our team letting you know that your meat is ready and your total amount due for the processing fees. We ask that you please pick-up your meat within 7 days of being notified to avoid storage fees.

Pricing Guide


Beef Custom Processing 1

  • Kill Fee at Shop- $150/head
  • On-Farm Kill Fee $175/head.  $25 per barrel for waste transported back to shop. 
  • Emergency Kill Fee (unscheduled) – $300/head
  • Cut & Wrap- $1.05/lb based on the hanging weight
  • Hamburger Patties – $1/lb based on actual processed weight

Beef will hang for approximately 14 days before processing.


Hog  Custom Processing 2

  • Kill Fee- $80/head
  • Cut & Wrap- $1.05/lb based on the hanging weight
  • Curing & Smoking- $1.05/lb based on the processed weight
  • Links $3/lb
  • Fresh Brats $3/lb
  • Smoked Brats $4/lb


Lamb/Goat Custom Processing 3

  • $150 (includes kill charge and cut & wrap services)



  • Kill and Chill (includes slaughter, waste disposal, & hanging time of 2-3 days)
    • Lamb $75
    • Hog $105
    • Beef $175
  • Boxing of Meat $5 per box (includes the cost of the box and a
    service charge).


  1. Payment in the form of cash or check. 
  2. Please bring enough boxes or coolers to transport your meat home in or you can purchase boxes at the time of pick-up. Note: You can also request to have your meat boxed at a charge of $5 per box (includes the cost of the box and a service charge).